The winners of the International Lithuanian Children's Drawing Competition "I am a Free Lithuanian in the World" have been announced

Organizers of the international drawing competition Lithuanian Community of South Coast, Lithuanian educational studio "Jūra" and children's summer camp in England "Gintarėliai" in 2020. in the spring he called to draw freedom, the whole abundance of Lithuanians in the world. Pupils of Lithuanian world schools and more, participated in the drawing competition "I am a free Lithuanian of the world", dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Lithuania 's Independence. The competition selected over 50 of the best works to be exhibited at the Freedom Spring exhibition. Although the date of the exhibition has been postponed due to the COVID 19 virus, we are very pleased to present a selection of 3 children's works selected from the plethora, which the KIDAMATION animator has turned into live, message-carrying cartoons. These are : Matas Gabrionis, 11, London, UK, Lithuanian school "Obelėlė". Ieva Stalauskaitė, 12, Luxembourg, and Emily Hattingh, 11, from Punsk Darius and Girėnas Primary School, Poland, are the authors of the drawing "Past-Road to Freedom". Others, selected by the commission The authors of the best works have been awarded various prizes for which we thank: Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology, game room "Pas Arbūzą", adventure parks "Lokės pėdai" and "Taurų parkas", educational entertainment center "Curiocity", Druskininkai water park, Folk Household Museum. winners (living in the UK) will be able to pick up upon arrival at the show, and those living in other parts of the world will be sent by post.

Animated drawings

Drawings selected for the Exhibition

Winners of the competition "I am a free Lithuanian in the world", whose works were selected for the open exhibition in Portsmouth, UK:

Ariana, 10 years old, Estonia, Tallinn

Elzė Sakalauskaitė, 9 m, Tenerife, Spain

Eimantas Petrauskas, 8, EdinburgJK

Harold Užpelkis, 6 m, Peterborough, UK,

Rokas Vitėnas, 11, Gosport, UK

Matas Gabrionis, 11, London, UK

Margarita Tevel, 9 years old, Pelesa, Belarus

Victoria Demjanova, 18, Portsmouth, UK

Erika, 10y., Belgium, Brussels

Jorūnė, 10 years old, Belgium, Brussels

Radvilė, 11, Belgium, Brussels

Ieva Stalauskaitė, 12, Luxembourg

Fausta Jakštaitė, 13, Portsmouth, UK

Nahuel Matthias Firpo Blayeska, 11, Uruguay, South America

Deimantė Pranevičiūtė, 10 m, Northampton, UK

Kernius Martinaitis, 9 years old, Luxembourg

Jonas Dilba, 11, Portsmouth, UK

Evelina Kisliak, 14, Bognor Regis, JK

Mišelė Vaičiulytė, 5 years old, Bognor Regis, UK

Ervinas Stankus, 9, Bognor Regis, UK

Jacob Tolius, 9, Luxembourg

Viltė Riaubaitė, 6 years old, Bognor Regis, UK

Vakaris Vitkus, 13 years old, Northern Ireland, Portadown

Gabrielius Pacenga, 7, Portsmouth, UK

Austėja Štikanaitė, 11, Oslo, Norway

Tia Houghton, 9 m. Portsmouth, JK

Kian Husini 7 m, Portsmouth, JK

Armandas Linkus 9 years old, Portsmouth, JK

Elia Černiauskas 5 years old, Portsmouth, UK

Donald Gatfield 8 years old, Portsmouth, JK

David Dilba 5., Portsmouth, UK

Emilia Pažemeckaitė 8 years old, Portsmouth, UK

Emilija Visokinskaitė 10 years old, Portsmouth, UK

Silvanus Emre Gunday, 8 years old, Ordu, Turkey

Kasparas Paldauskas 12 years old, Bordon, UK

Ksenija Bobrik, 7 years old, Pelesa village, Belarus

Lukrecija Mieželytė 13 m. London, JK

Nerija Rusteika 12 m. London, JK

Nojus Lukošiūnas, 11 years old, Barmingham, UK

Maria Petraitė, 11, Florida, USA

Inesa Nevulytė, 10 m. Poland, Punsk

Julija Vydraitė, 10 years old, Poland, Punsk

Ksenia Kuchinskaya, 11, Belarus, Pelesa village

Ieva Anusaitė, 5 years old, Northamton, UK

Gabija Bosaitė, London, UK

Kuternickaja Laima, 11 years old, Belarus, Pelesa village

Evelina Kisliak, 14, Bognor Regis, UK

Faustas Cormier, 13, Luxembourg

Smiltė, 14, School in Saulute, Leeds, UK

Adomas Alekna 7 m. Bognor Regis, JK

Inga, 12 years old, School Saulutė, Leeds, UK

Benediktas Visockis, 11, Ireland

Marius Chrapka, 13, Dallas, USA

Karina Stancelytė, 11, Dallas, USA

Gabrielė Varanavičiūtė, 10 years old. Scotland

Aurelijus Zaura is 7 years old. Peterborough JK

Viltė Grauslytė, 11, Scotland

Monika Kizys-Latvenaitė, 9 years old, Portsmouth, UK

Greta Olis, 6, Indianapolis, USA

Urtė Kotryna Balčiūnaitė, 19, Indianapolis, USA

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