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The Lithuanian community on the south coast of the United Kingdom in Daruga with the Lithuanian educational studio "Jūra" and the children's summer camp "Gintarėliai" invite all Lithuanian children in the world to participate in the drawing competition! The competition is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Lithuania 's Independence.


TOPIC: I am a free Lithuanian in the world
● The past - the path to freedom
● The present - me and my city
● Future - Lithuanian in space
● My way to Lithuania.

50 winning entries, selected by the combined votes of the internet users and the commission. If you live in the UK you will be able to see your work live during the event! Winners' works in 2020 March 21 will be live exhibited in the historic, one of the most interesting and beautiful resorts in England - the island of Portsmouth. The exhibition of works will be magnificent on the sea shore, in the historic tower of the city, presenting Lithuania, its history and nation.
The works of art will become a real decoration of the event "Spring of Freedom", dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Lithuania's Independence. Honorable guests of the event, city residents and tourists will gather here. All of the UK
Lithuanians will be invited to participate and join the national 3 km crossing the symbolic freedom belt. a walk along the Portsmouth coast.

The evening of the event will be crowned by a live music concert for the whole family, during which a performance will take place
Lithuanian performers from England and BIPLAN musical group from Lithuania. You can buy tickets in the events section of the page.


The competition is open to: 5 - 19 years old. Lithuanians living all over the world.

Works will compete in their age categories:
Group I - 5-7 years;
Group II - 8-11 years;
Group III - 12-15 years;
Group IV - 16-19 years.

Competition course:
1. Dimensions of the drawings: A3 paper format with framing or at will, but not smaller than the selected canvas frame in A4 format.
2. The performance technique is not limited, but must be durable, pastel work is recorded.
3. The work is created by one author, collective works are not accepted.

The works selected for the final exhibition will have to be submitted according to the set deadlines.


Stage I: We are waiting for high-quality photographs of the completed drawings until February 10. 2020 el. email
Stage II: Voting. 2020 On February 10-16, the photos of the drawings will be posted on the Lithuanian Community of South Coast Facebook account album, where the visitors will vote for the most liked drawings by clicking the LIKE button below the photo. After summing up the points of the visitors and the commission, 50 winners will be selected by a joint decision.

Stage III. Mail delivery of selected works by March 10.




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