Camp for all of us.

We will create a small Lithuania in the United Kingdom. A camp for friendly Lithuanian families, where we respect children and each other. WEEKEND (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) PRICE: GBP 40 for a person over 15; GBP 30 for a child (3-15 years old) and GBP 14 for a child (0-2 years old)
Registration is closed.
Camp for all of us.

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06 Sept 2019, 17:00 – 08 Sept 2019, 12:00
Stedham, Midhurst GU29 0NL, UK


FAMILY CAMP - Lithuania Minor - "Unity is Blooming".

The number of participants is limited, so don't delay and register.


Do you often think that it would be great to be in a campsite where your children could play with other Lithuanians, where we would burn real bonfires, fry barbecues, rattle guitars, laugh out loud or even go on a forest trail hike together?

This dream can become a reality. To make it happen, all you need to do is register, take notes in the calendar, wait until the end of summer, pack tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and travel to the Amber Camp in Lithuania Minor.

Pay attention and make sure you are the right campers.


1. At least one of the family members is: Aukštaitija, Žemaitis, Dzūk or Suvalkis;

2. You know how to play basketball, square, football, volleyball and other games in a friendly way;

3. Respect the environment in which children are present;

4. You know how to deal with adults;

5. Able to help settle neighbors;

6. You know how to light and put out a fire;

7. You have no problems from a racist, religious, sexual point of view and you respect and agree with Lithuanians of different nationalities;

8. Do not change in a public space, especially near children;

9. Do not drink strong drinks, and weak ones only after 20 hours. evening;

10. You will help the joint forces to leave the recreation base as tidy as we found.

11. Using the kitchen, etc. places of rest, we get along after ourselves;

12. We will protect, respect and conserve the inventory of the recreation base so that it can become an annual family camp site.

Additional applause and shouts of support for participants:

1. If you bring a guitar or other. a musical instrument to be played by a bonfire;

2. If you are a sporty or creative soul and have contributed to the organization of active entertainment for children and adults;

3. If you have golden hands and can offer some craft activities for children or adults;

4. if you have spec. knowledge that we could use for hiking or other. organization of activities;

Feel free to write if you have any ideas or wishes:

We hope you understand that the family camp is organized on an ideological basis in order to reduce the separation between compatriots. In order to create a harmonious environment for young families, elderly grandparents and children who enjoy nature, they long for friendly, sincere Lithuanian communication, who want to make new friendships and feel at home.

There will be no fireworks or POP stars because there are no funds for that, but in every way possible, all together, we will set up such a fun and cultural camp that England has never seen before.

This is a two-night camp for great Lithuanian families who are looking for a suitable, harmonious, friendly company for their vacation.


GBP 40 for a person over 15 years of age;

GBP 30 per child (3-15 years old), and

GBP 14 per child (0-2 years)

Included in the price: rent of the whole recreation center, 2 nights (children's playground, kitchen, fireplace, firewood, showers, toilets, adjacent hiking trails, terrace, meeting room / dining room).

All Lithuanians in the UK who respect each other, cherish their traditions, language and nation are welcome. All those who missed Lithuanian society, Lithuanian laughter, who are active, energetic, and most importantly determined to get to know and communicate.

Our goal is to create a great Lithuanian community, which is a great example for Lithuanian children, encouraging them to speak Lithuanian, love nature, promote a healthy lifestyle, enjoy active leisure and nurture their culture and traditions. After all, we are not alone and closed, we communicate, we get to know each other, we are paid to spend time in a fun and meaningful way.


Once a year, Amber organizes a family camp. We - the organizers, are the same as you, young, brave energetic parents who do not want to feel lonely and separated. That is why we create a community around us, we show our children that the Lithuanian nation is great, inventive and extremely lustful.

If you are not sad that we do not have the resources for fireworks and musicians, but have rejoiced with us that we have the courage to invite you and be together, then join the camp and you. This year, the camp will take place at a recreation base that will belong exclusively to us throughout the weekend. Located in South Dawns National Park, away from the village, in a true natural haven. The campsite has a large fireplace, kitchen, showers, toilets, children's playground. All you have to do is bring tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, lamps, etc. camping equipment.


Preliminary program:


Arrival, establishment, acquaintance evening at the campfire.


Here are the adventures that await us. We will team up, support each other and be loud for our teammates. Here you will find playful time in teams, awards and dinner together.

If you are not a big activist, do not survive, fans are a very important part of the celebration, you will be able to communicate, bask in the sun or relax in the shade, enjoy nature and the Lithuanian company of friends.



Free program. Those who want to relax in the children's playground, who want to gather in groups for a walk on forest routes, we invite those who like to ride a ride. Don’t forget to bring bicycles, helmets and proper clothing. Goodbye at noon.

PARKING - available.

TOILETS - yes.



We cannot predict the weather, but we must all bring a good mood.

Have picnic and camping equipment with you: chairs, tables, tablecloths for outdoor tables, parasols, gazebos, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, decks on the grass, etc. Don’t forget flashlights or more. outdoor lamps illuminate in the dark.

Clothing suitable for the forest: long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, long pants, shoes that hold firmly to the feet, suitable for running, climbing, those that you can lubricate by climbing into the clay. Jacket, hat, sunscreen, looser clothes for the evening.

FOR CYCLISTS: those who want to ride in the woods, do not forget to bring bicycles, helmets, appropriate clothing, footwear.


Meals - we bring ourselves. There is a kitchen, utensils, pots. If you want to fry the meat, bring your own barbecue.

Everyone take what your family eats. We kindly invite you to prepare common tables, to which we will all be able to communicate in a friendly way. Remember to bring enough drinking water.





GU29 0NL

Recreation center in South Downs National Park.


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