Weekly camp. 1st shift (8 - 15 years old).

A week-long Lithuanian children's summer camp in nature with tents. The topic is sports health. Children from 8 years. up to 12 m.
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Weekly camp. 1st shift (8 - 15 years old).

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09 Aug 2020, 14:00 – 15 Aug 2020, 12:00
Midhurst, Midhurst GU29, UK


The first shift - sports health for children from 8 to 15 years. age. The camp is a great choice for those who are not tired of the place, who like extremely active recreation, who want to make a lot of new friends, or maybe just try their hand at strength. There are no equal days here! Every day is dedicated to learning about a new sport. However, in addition to sports children, there are also educational activities, camp baptisms, folk dance lessons, creativity challenges, talent evenings, dance marathon, bonfire evenings.

The camp will run from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning (those who wish can also pick up children on Friday evenings).

Unlike previous camps, this one will take place in a true nature haven. Away from the city, in the South Downs National Park, is a base of stunning beauty. The whole resort will belong only to us, no strangers. The most important thing to bring is a tent. Its size is irrelevant, because we will not run out of space. The territory of the camp is fenced, there are hiking trails nearby, a children's playground, a kitchen, showers, toilets, a dance floor, a dining room, a meeting room and a large fireplace. If there is heavy rain, we would move to sleep under the roof.

8 -16 years old are invited. aged Lithuanian children. Everyone who wants to communicate, play, entertain in Lithuanian is welcome.

CAMP PRICE - 270 GBP. A security deposit of GBP 70 (payable at check-in) is required upon arrival at the camp.


All-week program, meals 4 times a day, accommodation, all entertainment and attractions. Meals include: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dinner. The food will be prepared on site by a professional Lithuanian chef with many years of experience in cooking.


Children will find an active and creative program. Young and energetic leaders will work with them. This is a great opportunity to improve your Lithuanian language skills, have a good time and make new friends. In the same way, children will learn to be independent, with duties and responsibilities. Team races, excursions, hikes, bonfire evenings, discos and more are waiting for you.

The East will start with active exercise, jogging, yoga classes. Lots of free time for playing, communication, exploring the environment, because there is no need to hurry in nature, time flies by itself. Group educational sessions await in the first half of the day. During the day, children can go hiking, sports games, art workshops, dance lessons and more. What evening in a camp without a disco, bonfire and songs to accompany the sun? This is only a small part of what is provided in the program. We guarantee it will be unique!



The exact program of the whole camp will be updated after the registration of participants. The

Preliminary agenda:

At 8:00 we woke up and got up;

8:45 a.m. morning exercise;

9:15 breakfast;

10:00 - 13:00 scheduled first program of the day;

13:30 - lunch;

4:30 pm;

14:30 -19: 00 scheduled second program; Entertainment part for the smaller ones.

19:30 - dinner;

From 20:00 to 22:30 there is an evening program for seniors (disco, cinema, bonfire evening, etc.)

21:00 - 23:00 - we travel to the realm of dreams.

GROUP SIZE? 30 - 50 children.



For delicacies - strict NO.

For phones - NO as well.

Pocket money - NO.


Please be informed that in August. asda, tesco and other stores are already organizing sales of camping goods, so visit them first if something is missing as prices are very low.


sleeping bag or blanket (preferably synthetic because cotton attracts moisture);

inflatable mattress, camping bed or other. basis for sleep;


two extra rugs, one to lay on the mattress (preferably synthetic to keep moisture out of the ground or we recommend using an "insulation mat" under the mattress), the other blanket to cover.

training or thermal clothing, pajamas for sleeping.

crocuses, rubber shoes to wade through the morning race;

comfortable footwear for active leisure;

rubber boots;




swimsuit, we will go swimming in the river;

medicines if the child has to take them;

paracetamol or the like. medicines for pain, fever that you agree to give to your child in case of a cold or the like.

towels (larger and smaller);

clothes (more warm clothes for evenings);

waterproof jacket, raincoat;

long warmer sports pants and blouse;

flashlight (floodlight for hiking, evenings);

a personal water bottle;

a brightly colored vest with the child's name written on it;

a small comfortable backpack in which the child can put the most necessary things when going on a hike or other.

The list may be supplemented depending on the final program.

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