Cultural virtual tours in Lithuania, part 2

Fridays, 19:00 UK time. "Travel from home with a guide" This is a cycle of free virtual tours, which consists of four tours around Lithuania,
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Cultural virtual tours in Lithuania, part 2

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26 Nov, 19:00 – 20:00 GMT


December 4 19:00 UK time - "Wonder of Nature - Curonian Spit"

December 11 19:00 UK time - "Known and unknown Kernavė"

January 15 19:00 UK time - "Old Vilnius Roofs - A Fairytale City History"

January 22 19:00 UK time - "Where Bruno Was: The History of Pažaislis Monastery"

During the excursions, the participants will be introduced to the history and peculiarities of different places, will have the opportunity to visit them virtually, get to know the historical, natural and cultural significance of the place for Lithuania and the world. During the excursion on the Curonian Spit, the participants will get acquainted with the formation of this region, the uniqueness of nature and the historical destiny. While visiting Kernavė, we will get acquainted with the founding of the Lithuanian state, the first rulers, the culture and traditions of mounds. Immediately after that, we will move to the current capital - Vilnius. While visiting this wonderful city, we will not only remember the legend of the founding of Vilnius, but at the same time get acquainted with the love story of Barbora Radvilaitė and Sigismund Augustus and the legends of Vilnius basilisk - a mythical creature, the king of snakes. From Vilnius on January 22. we will take you to the last place - Pažaislis Monastery, which has long been famous as a gem of Baroque architecture in Lithuania. While visiting it, we will remember the legend of mentioning the name of Lithuania, discuss the peripetia of the monastery and go down to the graves of nobles.

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