Christmas light in Bognor Reg

Festive echoes invite you to gather in Bognor Regy. Lithuanian families and children who are festively dressed for the Christmas light in the Lithuanian educational studio "Jūra" are welcome.
Registration is Closed
Christmas light in Bognor Reg

Laikas ir vieta

15 Dec 2019, 13:30 – 15:30
Bersted Green Learning Center, Bersted Green Ct, Bognor Regis PO22 9DZ, UK


The event is intended for all Lithuanian families, but registration is required due to the limited number of places.

The price of the holiday is £ 7 for the family.

PARKING - according to the rental rules, we cannot strictly park next to the building, because those places are for the residents of the house. We can park on the street, we will definitely not run out of places.

To make the celebration beautiful, each of us contributes to its creation.

We bring food and drinks with us. Don’t forget Christmas costumes for little ones, decorations or the like.

Let's bring and contribute to the decoration of the table (tablecloths, disposable plates, cups), it is very important that we take out the rubbish ourselves, so do not leave it to us, and we must leave the premises as clean as possible in the morning. one generation. We very much hope that we will work together and wish for a cozy holiday in the future.

It would be great if, as in Helauvyn, we organized activity tables for children together (for example, to decorate postcards, cut snowflakes, etc.) We would take care of active games, attractions for children and time with Santa Claus.

Then it’s very important - we may run out of Santa’s bags if you have to put them in, lend them to this honorable guest, and then bring them home.

Gifts! We pack a small, palm-sized, low-value gift (up to £ 10) into Grandpa’s bag, wrap it in gift wrap and write our child’s name very clearly. Let’s keep in mind that the joy here that grandpa comes, talks to the kids, plays out that the kids show what they pay, not that the gifts give and don’t make others feel bad because one got something very big and the other just candy. We do not offer to buy the same gifts, because it takes a lot of time to coordinate it, plus it is not clear how many children will come, their different ages, and so on. So you know what you need at home, what your child likes and so on.

A photographer is still needed, spec. it is not necessary to have knowledge, but it would be a lot of fun if someone would voluntarily capture moments, do a photo shoot with grandfather and family.

We kindly ask parents to get involved in small games with their grandfather, because it is the greatest joy for children, because we set an example of everything ourselves.


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