Individual Lithuanian language lessons online

The lessons are intended for children from 7 years of age and even adults who want to learn Lithuanian. Classes are held individually or in small groups with live interaction with teachers. The Lithuanian language is studied, the existing knowledge is improved, and the history of Lithuania is introduced.
Individual Lithuanian language lessons online

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Every story of a child living abroad is different from the knowledge of the Lithuanian language. Some know it well, others have a hard time, and still others just want to learn. Teachers, working intensively with students during the first quarantine period, became convinced of how effective distance learning could be. Curricula are adapted to each student individually. After discussing expectations, needs, and preparing a curriculum, we agree on lesson times that will take place through the ZOOM program.

Lessons like this are not only effective, but save you travel time and fuel costs.

If you have any questions please contact us by email. email: or call 07425188842

And if there are no questions, just a strong desire to learn - register.

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