Camp Amber

Founded in 2015. Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Lithuanian educational recreation camp for children and youth "Gintarėliai" since 2015. invites children from all over the UK. Located in the resort town of Portsmouth in England, on the seafront. For the fifth year in a row, the camp invites 3 - 16 years old. age children to rest in a Lithuanian society.


Amber organizes three types of summer camps:

1. Day camps. Children are invited from 3 to 12 years old on Saturdays before the end of the school year. children to thematic day camps.

2. Weekly camps. Organized during the summer holidays for 7 - 16 years. for children. Two shifts take place in Portsmouth, on the seafront and one shift takes place in South Downs National Park with tents.

3. A family camp for the whole family, going with tents in South Downs National Park.


Here, campers who come from all over the UK not only find Lithuanian friends from all over the country, but also experience what a real Lithuanian holiday means. Our goal is to take a holiday as actively as possible in the fresh air, and to say goodbye after improving the Lithuanian language, to take away not only a mountain of memories, but also knowledge about Lithuania.


All Lithuanian children are welcome in Gintarėliai and it does not matter what the level of knowledge of your language is. If you want to get to know other Lithuanian children, learn more about the land, history, traditions of your grandparents, learn to dance, sing, participate in sports tournaments, swim in the sea, light a bonfire, participate in a dance marathon, go hiking, catch crabs, visit interactive leisure in the center, in the castles and to try a lot of other activities - WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU.




Akredituota John Muir Award teikėja

JK nacionaliniu lygmeniu pripažinti įgūdžiai

John Muir Award programa suteikia trijų lygių pažymėjimus: Discovery, Explorer, Conserve, kurie skatina progresyvų dalyvavimą. Programa skatina holistinį požiūrį - įskaitant sąmoningumą, atsakingumą ir lyderystę.  - ir atspindi Johno Muiro dykumos patirtį. Skirtingi stovyklos organizuojami projektai, sudaro sąlygas tobulinti atskiras lyderystės kompetencijas ir įgyti numatytą apdovanojimą.

2021 m. startavęs pilotinis nuotolinis projektas Kodas GŽR - 2021 pažymėjimais ir skaitmeniniais atviraisiais kompetencijų ženkliukais apdovanojo 39 dalyvius. Sulaukus 17 m. dalyviai yra kviečiami savanoriauti stovykloje siekiant aukštesnio įvertinimo.  


Gintarė Ulevičiūtė

Founder and manager of the camp

Everyone who knows me is not surprised to hear that I work with children. Not because I have a pedagogical education, but because I am an organizer by nature.

Growing up in a theater studio, thanks to director J. Daraškevičius, I look at the world and work with children through a creative prism.

The start of the camp was inspired by my own sons. So, having gained strength, forcing everyone to believe in the importance of the idea, we danced on the ship "Amber", which together with a great team we have been sailing around Portsmouth Island for 5 years.

I grabbed a suitcase full of a million creative ideas, all the knowledge I had gained in science, two bachelor’s degrees (primary education pedagogy and public administration). Work experience in children's summer camps in Lithuania, event management, organization, project management and leisure travel modeling. Most of the baggage is occupied by competencies: responsibility, cooperation, patriotism, stubbornness, sincerity, love for children.


Head Marius

"Operator Plaster"

After spending his youth at the Young Geographers and Hikers Club, he has been the Leader of the Mercury Camp for several summers in a row and presents his accumulated knowledge and energy to the children of the camp. Marius is a professional cameraman and video editor, so the biggest thanks to Him for donating some amazing camp videos.


Head Justin

DJ in the evenings

Justin is always ready for adventures and surprises. Apparently, that's why his biggest passion is chemistry and music. So we can call him a crazy experimenter. Justin quickly finds language with the kids. Distinguished as a highly organized manager. His groups are focused, creative and active because they are always ready to win.


Chef Danutė

Kitchen master

Danute is a professional chef. More than 30 years worked in Lithuanian restaurants and cafes, including 5 summers in children 's summer camps in Kačerginė forests. He donates his whole experience to Amber Summer Camps from the very first days. 2019 in the summer, the children of the second shift together with the leaders even composed a song - "Danute, we want more!".


Mama Jurgita, 2018

I am very grateful to the leaders of the camp for taking great care of the children. The son returned from the camp very satisfied, full of impressions, learned about the history of Lithuania, learned new games, rested from the phone and computer. I wish the camp would last many years and make me happy childhood.

Mama Elena, 2017

Thank you so much to Amber Camp for a week full of impressions and activities. Christopher returned home full of them. We recommend it to every family. I wish the organizer of the camp Gintara and the leaders not to fade away and to get strength and ideas for next summer. You are great, look forward to next summer.


Head Goda, 2018.

Working in the camp once again reminded of the importance of team work, the children of the camp were surprised by their willingness to learn the history of Lithuania. Every day was full of new challenges and excitement. I returned to Lithuania with new ideas and meeting wonderful people who brought many positive and beautiful emotions into my life. This camp has proven to me that a child’s love for their homeland can be preserved and nurtured even while away from it, and I think it is very important to do so. 😊