The Lithuanian Community on the South Coast of the United Kingdom is a non-profit organization that organizes various national, cultural and civic events and actions every year. A team of volunteers and people of good will have come together to help make the events annual - work wonders! Compatriots from all over the United Kingdom gather here. This fosters patriotism, unity and the maturity of the nation.






Amber is a Lithuanian camp in the south of England that invites Lithuanian children and families to spend the summer together.

The Amber Camp organizes several types of programs: day, weekly and family self-service camps.

For more information, dates and registration forms, click on the link below.



The Lithuanian community in the United Kingdom on the south coast not only participates in various competitions and actions organized by Lithuanians around the world, but also initiates them themselves.

ATTENTION! The winners of the DRAWING COMPETITION "I am a free Lithuanian of the world" dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Lithuania 's independence have been announced.




Since 2015 The common goal is to cultivate pride in one 's identity and foster Lithuanianness abroad, as if three Musketeers are walking side by side at the Amber Summer Camp, the Lithuanian Education Studio "Jūra" and the Lithuanian Community on the South Coast of the United Kingdom (LCSC). During 5 years of working together, the organization has implemented a number of wonderful projects. Our initiatives were repeatedly presented by LRT television, and in 2019. we also got filming teams that produced two documentaries about us. We invite you to get acquainted with it.



The Lithuanian community on the south coast of the United Kingdom began to form in 2015 and was officially established in 2019. January 3 The chairman of the community, Gintarė Ulevičiūtė, focuses on the preservation of language, culture and traditions. Thanks to this, initiatives are formed that are aimed at Lithuanian families, like-minded people and everyone who wants to communicate. The mission of the community is to unite Lithuanians living on the south coast of the UK, from Eastbourne to Weymouth, and the doors of the community are wide open to anyone who wants to be together. We invite you to get acquainted with our activities in more detail.


There are two Lithuanian schools on the South Coast of the UK in Bognor Regio and Portsmouth. Classes take place on weekends, with children aged 3 to 14 studying in schools. age. We find time not only for science, we organize concerts, performances, we celebrate holidays, we participate in competitions. You can register by clicking on the "learn more" link.



Lithuanians often visit the South Coast of the UK.

Apart from celebrations, gatherings in parks or excursions, the community has:

folk dance ensemble "Banga";

morning coffee group for women and babies;

cake evenings Cake get together;

basketball club - Portsmouth Jam;

Board game evenings.


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The organization is constantly waiting and inviting full of ideas, who want to learn, realize themselves, gain experience, test their strength, and most importantly contribute to change and fostering Lithuanianness abroad through language, history, sports, arts, culture or music. We are waiting for both managers and builders, the most important thing is the desire to be useful. Volunteer and internship opportunity programs have been established in three organizations, we cooperate with universities and colleges from Lithuania and beyond. Join!



The LCSC community, the Lithuanian studio "Jūra" and the camp "Gintarėliai" often initiate various support events, during which funds are raised to ensure and improve quality. Your ongoing contributions are an integral part of community success. Those who want to support the idea, support it with books, teaching aids, finances or contribute to their work are always welcome. We are especially grateful for your help and support.


To contribute, click the link below.



Assisting partners, friends, facilitators, and others in building, achieving, and implementing is integral to community growth. We are happy to have the opportunity to be members, partners and students of various organizations. Strengthening inter-organizational links, establishing new ones, partnerships in the implementation of various projects leading to the cultivation of a positive society is one of the most important priorities of the LCSC.  

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